WhatsApp Fonts Generator

Create fancy style text with amazing Unicode fonts for your WhatsApp bio ✓, chat 💬 and profile name!

Font for WhatsApp

As you know that in WhatsApp you can create italic, bold, strike through and monospaced text by writing simple code. That is indeed the default feature of WhatsApp.

But did you also know that you can also create more aesthetic text styles? Like inverted text, cursive/handwriting, bubble, zalgo and square. To get it, all you have to do is use a text tool called WhatsApp font generator.

WhatsApp font generator is an alternative tool to convert normal fonts into cool fonts that you can use to create fancy text for WhatsApp messages, names and bio.

Using it is very easy, you just have to type text in the font generator field, and a set of cool font styles will automatically be displayed. You can choose the best font of your choice, then copy and paste it for WhatsApp.